Chateau Soucherie | Chenin Blanc

Unicorn syrup

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Magical. Like liquid gold, a magical elixir. It’s what unicorns must put on their pancakes. This is an experience not to miss! This wine is made from a grape called Chenin Blanc, in a small part of the Loire Valley called Savennières. Some of these wines are made dry and some are made sticky sweet, like this beauty. Like peaches in syrup, apricots in honey. Call it a dessert wine if you will, but we prefer to think of this as the most decadent way to spend an evening. Alongside equally intense flavors, this wine is a blessing. It’s the only wine you will ever want again, an experience not to miss, and a very, very special bottle to share.

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Chateau Soucherie


Chenin Blanc


Practicing Organic


Savennières, Loire, France



Our Best Advice

Don’t miss this experience of a wine

Delicious With

Super strong flavors like big, pungent cheeses or spicy foods. Perfect with crazy hot Thai or Indian dishes, or anything with some serious heat. The sweetness balances out the spicy flavors, cooling off the palate and readying it for the next bite. We like to think of this as a main course wine, well, because it’s fun and different. But, this is also a gorgeous end to the meal. Serve with anything sweet and creamy.

Their Cred

The Domaine de la Soucherie is composed of vineyards, four of which are within the highly coveted area of "Chaume" and some of which are within the confines of the Savennières appellation in the "Clos des Perrieres." The "Clos des Perrieres" vineyard in Savennières was purchased by the Domaine in 1988. The vines are approximately 30 years old. The entire production is estate-bottled, meaning the Domaine has total oversight from vine to bottle. They make mind-blowingly good wines from these vineyards.