Channing Daughters | Meditazione

Seriously introspective orange wine

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This wine is electric and still grounded. Amber rays hitting fresh snow at sunrise. A warm, energetic glow over packed, glacial snow. Bright and aromatic at first, then intensely earthy, and still crisp and clean. This wine has some funk, but a pure, clean funk, like the kind that makes you want to be in nature more. Named after the vino da meditazione of Northern Italy, this wine was made with white grapes, soaked on their skins to give the wine its gem-like, amber color and fuller body. The qualities that make a “meditation” wine are not strictly defined, but typically it has to be complex and very well made. The most important quality of a vino da meditazione is to be intellectually stimulating. This wine is like a great conversation. One you learned something from.

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Channing Daughters


Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Tocai Friulano


Long Island, NY



Our Best Advice

Drink this with someone who also loves wine

Delicious With

Aromatic, earthy, with great acidity- there’s a lot you can do with this wine. Pork belly, sausages, aged alpine cheeses and fish, poultry and pork dishes. Delicious with nuts, seeds or squash. Excellent with Marsala and sherry dishes. As it warms in the glass, it will keep giving more layers, so don’t be afraid to let the chill subside on this a bit.

Their Cred

Channing Daughters grows and creates wines from over two dozen varieties. They are the only winery in Long Island growing and producing wines from many of these grapes. Their home is a beautiful plot of land in Bridgehampton that contains twenty-eight acres of vines, a small winery and tasting room. They call their style artisanal experimentation - continually pushing the boundaries in wine style and methods. They currently make very small amounts of nearly three dozen different wines – single vineyard wines, blended wines, wines made with indigenous and selected yeast, some filtered, and some are not. Every type of tank and barrel is used from stainless steel to French, Slovenian, American and Hungarian oak barrels. They co-ferment white and red grapes and make skin-contact whites (known as Orange or Amber wines). Ultimately, they seek deliciousness. They do everything by hand in small batches with lots of love and a clear commitment to making wine like no other.