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Champagne Fleury | Rosé

Worth every sip

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Lightly chewy, mouthwatering, blood orange, with buttered toast and black cherry jam – this Champagne Rosé is made entirely of Pinot Noir grapes from a southern region of Champagne. Sitting almost closer to Burgundy, than to the capital of Champagne, this wine is rich with Pinot Noir grace. Farmed with the strictest of biodynamic farming methods, the grapes are crushed, then left to sit on their skins to grab all the flavor and character of the whole fruit. Typically, this can produce an intense or tannic wine, but purely natural farming allows this wine to remain elegant.

Delicious With

The crisp acidity gives this wine a mouthwatering finish, so it will be the counter to any fried, oily, fatty foods like fried chicken, potato chips, or cheesy grits. Great with serious seafood like lobster, salmon, or seared tuna. Or go with a lighter pairing and match the tart flavor with a Niçoise salad or feta, mint, and watermelon.

Their Cred

Fleury is a 4th generation family winery situated in a southern village of the Champagne region. They’ve been pioneers in biodynamic Champagnes for the last 40 years. The vines sit on Kimmeridgian (meaning from the late Jurassic period 150 million years ago) clay, and limestone soils. The innovative Jean-Sebastien currently leads the estate and makes their wines with as little intervention as possible, including very little to sometimes zero sulfur at bottling.

Winery   Champagne Fleury

Type   Pinot Noir

Sustainability   Biodynamic

Origin   Côte des Bar, Champagne, France

Alcohol   12.0%

Our Best Advice   Make this your special occasion wine