Casebianche | Aglianico

A rich raspberry licorice from Southern Italy

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Stunning raspberry licorice and blackberry jelly candies. The fruit punch this wine delivers is mouthwatering. Hailing from Cilento, south of Naples, this native Aglianico (alli-yawn-nico) grape is the most typical variety in this part of southern Italy and considered one of the top Italian grapes along with Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. The wine is made using ancient methods, soaking on the skins for weeks giving the wine its inky color and rich texture.

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Cilento, Italy



Delicious With

This big wine calls for meat in various ways: beef brisket, smoked pork, Soppressata, barbeque beef, carne aside, prime rib, buffalo burgers and BBQ sauce. For vegetarians, we suggest rich umami flavors like black bean sauce, soy sauce, tempeh or roasted mushrooms.

Their Cred

Casebianche is a young winery that was set up in 2000 and released their first wines in 2006. The estate has a total area of 34 acres located between Mount Stella and the Tyrrhenian Sea, within the Cilento National Park. They make wines using traditional methods, taking as much care of the raw material as possible and creating a unique expression in every wine. They are certified organic and as natural as it gets.