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Canopus Uco | Malbec de Sed

The softer side of Malbec

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An organic and biodynamic Malbec with a small blend of Chardonnay added to bring fresh aromatics. This is a juicy style of Malbec, that is full of dark purple fruits, a hint of spice, and a softer texture.

Delicious With

Steak, pulled pork, or lamb, and richer fish like salmon or poultry with dark meat. Great with spaghetti Bolognese or meatballs.

Their Cred

Gabriel Dvoskin worked as a journalist for 15 years - living and traveling throughout Asia and Europe. A musician and a writer, he lived in Paris and worked as a war correspondent in the 1990s. At the same time, Gabriel discovered a passion for wine and viticulture, particularly the wines of Burgundy, Barolo, and the Mosel. This led to time as a harvest assistant and vineyard hand at esteemed wineries in the Rhône and in Burgundy. Eventually he decided to change careers and devoted himself to wine and winemaking full-time. Returning to Argentina in 2007, Gabriel knew what he was looking for: a cool vineyard site, suited to organic and biodynamic agriculture. Gabriel has worked organically in the vineyard since it was planted, and Canopus is certified organic and currently pursuing biodynamic certification. In the cellar. Gabriel employs only neutral vessels: primarily concrete, but also uses barrels, amphorae and tinajeros from Juan Padilla in Spain. 

Winery   Canopus Uco

Type   Malbec

Sustainability   Biodynamic

Origin   Uco Valley, Argentina

Alcohol   13.2%