Bruno Verdi | Sangue di Giuda "Paradiso" Rosso

Sweet like Sunday morning

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This is a very romantic wine. Sangue di Giuda literally translates to “tears of Judas,” but don’t let that kill your vibe, ha! Liquid happiness when you taste the sweet, slightly fizzy, red nectar from this bottle. If you’ve ever had Moscato d’Asti, which is a sweet, fizzy dessert wine from Northern Italy, this is like the red version of that. It’s both light and warming, sweet and earthy. A unique, red wine made from a blend of native grape varieties to this region. A region also famous for the picturesque tourist destination of Lake Como and the bustling metropolitan city of Milan.

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Bruno Verdi


Croatina, Uva Rara, Barbera


Lombardy, Italy



Our Best Advice

Make this a dessert menu night

Delicious With

Start the meal with this to counter any salty snacks or end the meal as a dessert in itself. Or, have this along with anything chocolate. Enjoy as you indulge in this seriously playful wine!

Their Cred

The Verdi family can trace its viticultural origins back seven generations to the 18th century, when Antonio Verdi came from Parma to settle in the Oltrepò Pavese. The original farm produced wheat and corn, mulberries for the leaves (used to feed silkworms,) and of course, grapes. Luigi, of the third generation, was the first to transform the family’s grapes into wine. However, it was Bruno who, after World War II, first bottled wine at the estate and Bruno Verdi wines were born. His son, Paolo, now carries on the tradition, skillfully bringing the estate into the modern era.