Bojo do Luar | Deu Bode

Rustic Portuguese chilled red

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This straddles the line between Rosé and red: deeper and more intense than a Rosé, but not-quite-a-red, and it packs quite a refreshing punch when chilled! It’s the perfect chilled red as a cocktail or lighter, refreshing drink at sunset. It jumps out of the glass with candied dark fruit, sweet berry, and spice. It’s bright, juicy, and mouthwatering. Tart and electrifying and on a light-bodied frame with virtually no tannins and a whisper of violets on the finish. Dry, organically grown, low-intervention, natural and vegan to boot!

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Bojo do Luar


Field Blend: Vinhao, Bastardo, Espadeiro, Borraçal, Arinto, Loureiro


Vinho Verde, Portugal



Our Best Advice

Your early evening meal companion

Delicious With

Fabulous for pairing with all kinds of snacky foods. Chips, cheese, corn nuts, olives, pickles, jam, you name it. Really fun with smoked meats and fish – crack open a can of smoked oysters, serve with seeded crackers and make it a light meal. Also, a great skillet roast chicken and potatoes wine. It’s refreshing enough to keep a warm, hearty meal feeling light.

Their Cred

Bojo do Luar is a collaborative effort between importer Savio Soares and biodynamic viticulturist Antonio Sousa. Inspired by the techniques of a legendary biodynamic producer, Antonio began to experiment with non-interventionist winemaking in his own cellar, using a non-intervention approach in the cellar as well as practicing biodynamic viticulture in his vineyards. Parcels are situated on the deep granitic soils near the Tâmega River in Vinho Verde, not far from where it empties into the Douro.