Bietighöfer | Weissburgunder Reserve

German Pinot Blanc, with a French mindset

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This guy is making some of the best wines we have tried all year! Winemaker, Stefan Bietighöfer, brings you a very Chablis-esque German white from vineyards only 15 minutes away from the French border. The wine feels on the tongue the way a fine-grained wood feels to the touch – a satisfyingly polished richness and precision that only master carpenters can achieve. Every part of this wine is integrated – ripe nectarine with chalky stone, honeycomb and Maldon salt, and lime leaf with a wonderful soft texture.

Read the winemaker’s story below for a glimpse into his ‘French’ mindset.

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Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc)


Certified Biodynamic


Pfalz, Germany



Delicious With

Due to its delicate flavors, this wine helps lift and doesn’t overwhelm bigger, more pungent foods. Shrimp Pad Thai is a particularly fun pairing. Also try this with washed rind cheeses like Époisses, Münster, or Taleggio. Or go with classic, soft pretzels in gooey cheese dip.

Their Cred

Easily our favorite new producer! This young winemaker, Stefan, grew up in the wine world and butted heads with his father over all aspects of the growing and making of wines from their family estate in Germany. Pissed off and determined, Stefan went to France, specifically Burgundy and Alsace, to study winemaking. When he returned, the quarrels continued and he agreed to take over the family business, only if he could radically change and control the entire operation. He converted the vineyards to fully biodynamic and shifted to a natural, hands-off approach in the winery. “Hats off to you Stefan” because these are some of the best wines we have tasted all year!