Alta Orsa | Cabernet Sauvignon

Classic Napa style, with a Mendocino twist

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This is the purest expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from California that we have ever tasted! Like fruit straight from the farmers market, it jumps out of the glass with giant, vivacious, plush flavor. Black cherry pie laced with clove. Gives you that big, concentrated mouthfeel and tannin that you want in a Napa Cab, but with the purity of fruit only this kind of Mendocino natural fruit can give.

The wine comes from a 40 year old passion project to farm grape vines high up in the Mendocino mountains, above the fog line, using regenerative farming practices – meaning no tilling, no tractors, no chemicals. For decades these Cabernet vines have lived in harmony with their environment – and you can taste it!

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Cabernet Sauvignon


Organic, Regenerative farming


Mendocino, California



Delicious With

Great with the classic Cab pairings like red meats, heartier meaty pastas, lamb, strong-flavored cheese, and chocolates (especially dark). Because this wine has both the tannin and the gorgeous fruit, dark chocolate is a dream pairing.

Their Cred

Alta Orsa is a visionary project by winemakers Martin Bernal-Hafner, Roger Peng, and Ricardo Garcia. Farming is the core of their story and has been for more than three decades. As stewards of a 160-acre mountain property, they farm in a holistic manner – meaning they use organic and regenerative agricultural practices. Patience, observation, science, and experimentation guide their approach. Since the planting of their high-density vineyard in the late 1980s, they have practiced no-till farming, minimal organic sprays, no tractors between the rows, and no herbicides under the vine. This has led to truly unique, balanced, and age-worthy estate wines. Huge wines made in the most natural way – which is a rare find.