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Our Story

Our Story

Guildford Green is inspired by a village market, where our wine selection is hand-picked to represent the best of the season. Our name sake, Guildford, England, is a pastoral town named for the gilded ford it’s situated on. Guildford is a place where the shopkeepers know their customers and the community gathers on the Village Green.

Our wine selection rotates with the seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Each collection features wines ranging in style and varietal – like a farmer’s market for wine – with fresh picks for every occasion. We focus mostly on family-owned wineries, natural wines, and wines with distinct character, lots of personality, and most importantly… soul.

After years in the wine industry, we understand that it’s hard to find interesting wines unless you’re actually traveling through wine country or get a good recommendation from a friend. We want to give access to these wineries without your having to search for them. With thousands of small wineries to discover, this is a great way to meet them, one bottle at a time.

We hope you enjoy this season’s collection!

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